10 unusual money making ideas

10 unusual money making ideas


It seems that lately, people are much more open and willing to seek out various ways of bringing in extra cash. It’s a big trend at the moment, continuing to rise, and lots of our members’ report that they try and fit in as many other money making jobs that they can in between their matched betting.

This additional income can be used towards funding your studies, paying the bills, getting rid of debt, holidays or to be put into savings.

There are loads of ideas out there, but we’ve put together a list of 10 of the more unusual or unique ways of earning some extra money in your spare time.

Make money hosting your own meal

This is a new concept that you can do in your own home and it is really taking off. If you love cooking and socialising  and enjoy being the host, then take a look at Meal Sharing where you can upload your menu plan with a time and date for the meal onto the website. People can then sign up to join you for dinner and they of course pay you too. This is a global service and ideal for people who are travelling or new to an area. People love getting out and meeting new people and trying new foods so what are you waiting for? It’s time to get that apron on!

Earn money from videos with VoxPopMe

If you are happy to answer questions on camera for some extra cash then download and install VoxPopMe. New questions available daily, meaning that you will never be short of earning with this app. Payment is made once you have reached the £10 minimum threshold, via Paypal. Invite your friends to earn even more cash.

A gap in the market for entrepreneurial students?

There is definitely a gaping gap in the market for this. You may have read a while ago about a student from Plymouth University who saw this gap in the market and has set up his own business to cater for the demand. It sounds crazy but he is booked out!

For a small fee, he fetches fellow students (who need food but who are too hungover to fetch it themselves) meals from fast food restaurants who don’t offer their own delivery service; such as McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Burger King etc.

So if you are a student and this is not currently offered in your town/ city then maybe you could fill that gap and see the £’s flooding in.

Earn up to £3000 with Flucamp

Fancy being locked up for 14 days, with access to WiFi and gaming consoles and in the process help to advance science? You could even do it instead of taking your annual leave!

Sounds crazy but plenty of people are doing it and being paid up to £3,000. FluCamp helps to focus on testing new treatments on real people within a safe, controlled environment. Whilst of course, medical research isn’t for everyone, why not take a look at the Flucamp website and decide if it is something that you could do.

Others need you!

Pickle connects users who need any job completing with the people who are willing to do them. The jobs can be anything from helping with a spreadsheet to special deliveries. Simply register and look for jobs near you, then decide if you have the tools and knowledge to carry them out – then get paid – simple.

Be an (almost) nude butler

Well….ok, not quite nude and perhaps not for everyone but if you are a man who has a good body and looks good and doesn’t mind a bit of attention, then why not put those good looks to use by being a naked butler. Most often hired for hen and similar parties, the pay is very good for the amount of time it takes.

Send in a video to ‘You’ve been framed’

Can you believe that even after all of these years, the popular show, ‘You’ve Been Framed’, are still offering £250 cash for any videos that they use. Even better, you can submit your videos online. In the age of smartphones, most of us will have some funny video that we can send in, the more unusual, the more chance it will have of being used.

Be someone’s friend

Believe it or not, you can hire yourself out as a friend to someone. There is a website called Rentafriend where you can sign up to be paid for being a friend to another person using the site. It’s for people who have maybe moved to a new area and want to be shown around by someone that knows the area, or maybe someone who has a spare ticket to a football match and no-one to go with. It’s a strictly platonic arrangement, and you can negotiate your price to however much you would like. Getting paid to hang out is an easy and unusual way of making some extra money.

Calling all students

If you are between the ages of 18 and 19 years old, you can become a mystery shopper for alcohol with ServeLegal. The company was set up by two alcohol retailers who ended up losing a licence because they found shops were serving alcohol to underage drinkers and needed a way to test that the shop keepers were following the correct procedure in the future. You get paid for your report plus get to keep the purchases!

Sell your style

If you are into fashion then why not get paid for it? Head to the Stylinity website where you can download an app, upload photos of yourself and then tag the clothes that you are wearing. If users like what they see and click through to buy the clothes, you get a commission of up to 20% in the form of points that you can redeem for cash and various other products.

Posted on: January 13, 2017