Matched Bet is UK top rated matched betting site

What is the best matched betting site in the UK?

I’ve been a professional matched bettor for a few years now and I doubt that there is a site out there that I haven’t tried. So I’ve put together a comparison guide of the main matched betting sites in the UK at the moment to give you a helping hand.

Let’s start with an overview and then I’ll go on to list my findings.


Star rating

Price (monthly)

All matched betting software included?

Live chat customer support?


5 stars





3 stars




Profit Accumulator

2 stars


No, costs £15.99 extra


Of course, when you’ve been doing your research, you’ll find that there are many other matched betting sites out there, but in my opinion there aren’t any other sites worth mentioning at this point in time; they either cost a lot more or they are offered to you as ‘free’ which may sound great but they don’t provide you with the tools or offers that you need in order to make serious money from matched betting.

Paid matched betting sites are the sites where you have to pay a small monthly subscription, but profit levels are typically much higher for members than those on the free sites. As way of an example, with a free site you could expect to make around £150 per month (with a lot of hours put in to search for the offers) but by joining a paid site, you’ll be making up to £1500 per month working only a couple of hours per day. You payment is for the matched betting tools, offers and support.


Matchedbet is my number one recommendation for matched betting and rightly so as I believe they offer exceptional value for money and an all-round top service. It is this site that I am currently using and easily making my monthly profit targets each month.

This is a site that doesn’t leave anyone behind – they have all of the tools that an advanced matched bettor could need and more offers than you’d have time to complete each day.

If you are a beginner, then they will undoubtedly be the best matched betting site for you. This is simply because their training tutorials and video guides are simple, clear and easy to understand and they offer great customer support, a helpful forum and two Facebook pages to keep you up to date.
They provide a dedicated existing offers calendar daily, which means that if you’re tight for time of an evening or weekend, you can quickly find the offers, place your bets and log out. Simple.
They also run free-to-enter competitions and new member offers regularly.
A huge plus is that they offer Live Chat which is NOT available on any other matched betting site and a very generous affiliate program. All this, for just £12.95 per month. You have to question, why you would go elsewhere?

They are a site which is growing at a phenomenal rate since they first came on to the scene last year. Members from other matched betting sites are beginning to realise that there are cheaper options out there that provide the exact same package – this is Matchedbet (and in fact, it offers a lot more!).



Oddsmonkeys’ monthly costs, although not the cheapest are still fairly competitive at £15 per month and like Matchedbet, they include all of the matched betting tools in this price.
In terms of beginner training, Oddsmonkey will take you through the entire matched betting process from start to finish with guides that are easy to understand.

They also hold regular competitions; have a good forum which is simple, effective and helpful and good customer support, although no Live Chat which is a shame.


Profit Accumulator

Costing £17.99 per month for new members, plus an additional £15.99 per month for their additional software, Profit Accumulator is a significantly more expensive alternative for your matched betting needs and as can be seen, they do not provide all of the tools within your membership price which I for one found very confusing. If you wanted all of the tools, you’d be looking to pay £34+ per month.

£34 is three times the price of Matchedbet and twice the cost of Oddsmonkey!
I started out with Profit Accumulator when I first began matched betting because there was not a lot of choice in those days. They suited me fine for a while until the price just kept going up and up and I wasn’t getting anything extra for my money.

They have a large forum but a lot of it is just ‘chatter’ and you will just be trawling through and through trying to find any decent bits of information.

Support is a bit ad hoc, so if you have an urgent question or need to place a bet fairly soon, then don’t hold your breath as your message may take some time to be answered.
Their ethos is based on making money and getting as many members as possible but the customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

I’ve been extremely disappointed with the overall Profit Accumulator service in the past for a variety of reasons hence; I’ve given them my 2 star rating.



So there’s my take on things as the matched betting industry currently stands.
And out of the three that I’ve listed, I think you’ve only really got two choices: MatchedBet and Oddsmonkey.

They both offer the same package but Matchedbet are top for me because of the price and the Live Chat service. If I’ve already got the tools with them that I need to matched bet then I will always look next towards price and customer support.

I recommend Matchedbet to you for your matched betting and I say this through experience. They offer the best value premium matched betting membership in the entire UK industry, with significantly cheaper subscription fees than their nearest rivals.

If you’d like to join me and try them out, then sign up for their free trial worth £40 here.