Confused by all of the matched betting jargon?

Confused by all of the matched betting jargon?

In my first few months of matched betting, I’ve come across a lot of abbreviations and matched betting terminology. The help that I've received in the forum is great but to make it simple and to help the new matched bettors amongst you, I thought I’d put an easy alphabetical list together. Print it off and keep it handy.

Acca: Accumulator
A multiple bet, refers to when you have four teams or more on a coupon at a bookmaker.

AGS: Anytime Goal scorer
A specific market at a bookmaker.

AP: Advantage Play
This is when the offer is not risk free but we have an advantage over the long-term thanks to the terms of the offer/promotion.

ARB: Arbitrage (arbing)
When you back at a bookmaker and lay at lower odds at an exchange. You’ll see these listed as 100%+ on the matched bet oddsmatcher. We don’t advise doing these too often, if at all as it can be the quickest way to flag yourself up to a bookmaker, increasing your chance of being gubbed.

AWS: All Weather Surface
The type of track at a horse racing course.

BBL: Beaten By A Length
A type of horse racing offer from a bookmaker.

BF: Betfair
A betting exchange.

BFSB: Betfair Sportsbook
Betfair’s sportsbook (Bookmaker). Remember that if you are using the Betfair sportsbook to place a back bet then don’t use them to place your lay bet – do this at a different exchange!

BOG: Best Odds Guaranteed
This is when a bookmaker will pay you at out at higher price if the starting price (SP) is higher than the odds you backed it at when you placed your bet.

BTTS: Both Teams To Score
A specific market at a bookmaker.

C&D: Course & Distance
Refers to a horses’ form – how it has performed at that particular course and at that distance.

CS: Correct Score
A specific market at a bookmaker.

DBL: Double
A bet involving two teams on one betting coupon.

EV: Expected Value
If you are getting into the casino offers, the EV is the amount of profit that you calculate that an offer will return to you over the long-term.

FAV: Favourite
The favourite to win an event, usually refers to horse racing offers.

FB: Free Bet
Say no more.

FGS: First Goal scorer
A specific market at a bookmaker.

FP: Free Play
When we receive an offer/ promotion to give us free play on a game at a bookmaker/ casino.

FS: Free Spins
Yep we like these too! A casino may give you free spins on their slots/ games which do not use your real cash balance. They can be offered as a promotion, welcome or deposit offer or you may win them during playing the game.

Gubbed 🙁

You may hear this term being used when the bookmaker has restricted or cancelled someone's account. The bookmaker does this if they believe that you are taking too much value from them. Do what you can to prevent yourself from being gubbed but be usually hurts a bit if you get gubbed!

HCP: Handicap
Often referred to in horse racing. A handicap race is one in which horses carry different weights. A better horse will carry a heavier weight to give it a disadvantage when racing against slower horses.

In-Play : This is when you are placing your bet actually during the event/match.

ISP: Industry Starting Price
You’ll see this on Betfair’s results page – it’s the average of major bookmaker’s starting price (SP) odds.

LGS: Last Goal scorer
A specific market at a bookmaker. As it suggests, you are betting on the last footballer to score a goal in a particular game.

MB: Matched Betting
We are all loving doing this to generate an easy and profitable income.

Match Odds : The final outcome at the end of a match.

MBS: Money Back Special
A type of offer from a bookmaker. This is a type of bet where you could get your money back when a certain event happens in a match. The event will usually have been decided before the game and when it happens, all losing bets will be refunded.

NH: National Hunt
A particular type of horse race in which horses are required to jump fences and ditches

NR: Non-Runner
When a horse withdraws from a race it is then classed as a ‘non-Runner’.

O2.5: Over 2.5 Goals
Part of the Over Under market at a bookmaker. Ove/ Under betting is based on the total goals of a game. In football, the bookmaker usually sets 2.5 goal as the line and we choose ‘Under 2.5 goals’ which is no goals, 1 goal or 2 goals or ‘Over 2.5 goals’ which is 3 goals+. You could also see it written as  O1.5, O3.5, O4.5 …….


The amazing piece of matched bet’s technology which does all of the odds searching for you, freeing you up to earn more money - yay!

R4: Rule 4
When a Rule 4 deduction is imposed by a bookmaker due to non-runner in a horse race. This is an industry standard deduction so if you are deducted due to a non-runner in your race at the bookmaker, you will also be compensated by the same amount at the exchange.

RF: Risk Free
Carrying out an offer where there is absolutely no risk to our funds.

RTP: Return To Player
All casino/slot games have a house edge built into them and that leaves the expected return to player. If a house edge is 5%, then the RTP would be 95%.

Sharbing: ‘Shop-Arbing’ or’ Sharbing’ is taking advantage of arbs or offers in actual bookmaker shops. Most of the maths behind doing so is exactly the same as if you were doing the offer via an online account. The advantage of sharbing is that it avoids getting gubbed on your online accounts where it can be obvious if you are ‘arbing’ with them. Also, even if you are gubbed with your online account, you will still be able to place bets and take advantage of their offers in store.

SNR: Stake Not Returned
Most free bets awarded do not return the free bet amount in the returns if the bet wins at the bookmaker.

SP: Starting Price
The odds at which a horse starts a race at a bookmaker.

SR: Stake Returned
If the bookmaker returns your stake in a free bet.

T&Cs: Terms and Conditions
Always check the details of these before starting your offer. They are the specific terms that apply to a bonus or promotion.

TBL: Treble
A bet involving three selections on one betting coupon.

WR: Wagering Requirement
The amount of times you will need to wager a bonus for it to become ‘real’ cash in your account that you can withdraw. It is also the amount of times that you will need to wager a qualifying deposit in order to then receive the free bet or bonus.

Hope that helps to decipher a few terms for you. If you have any questions or have any more abbreviations to add to the list then feel free to send me a message at


Posted on: January 4, 2017