From Russia to Redcar

From Russia to Redcar

As any parent knows, multi-tasking comes as a pre requisite when you sign up for the job. It’s already getting a bit tight to get my son to football training but I’ve just had a reload offer emailed to me from 888Sport to bet £20 and get a £10 free bet and it has a 24 hour expiry so I simply have to do it there and then.

Now, a decision has to be made here, I know not to waste time trying to chase the very best odds as it is time that I could spend on completing more offers (or ensuring that my son isn’t late (again)) but it doesn’t bring me up any horse racing odds!

I have a safe preference for choosing horse racing for my bets because it‘s something that I have always been familiar with, but I am now faced only with football matches and need to get out of my comfort zone quickly.

An interesting selection to choose from but I settle on "Ural v Terek Grozni" from the Russian soccer Premier division  - a quick chat here to above mentioned 7 year old football crazy son confirms to me that "yes, Russia do have a premier division", so I press on.

It’s made quick and easy because I have the bookmaker, Betfair , the oddsmatcher and the calculator tabs all open and ready. The oddsmatcher is worth its weight in gold - I have absolutely no idea how it gathers all of the odds out there but I’m just glad that it does.

(Tip - always click the little “i” button next to the selection because it takes you straight to the bookmaker and Betfair and saves you a heap of time).

Well that wasn’t so bad, I’ve backed and laid off my bet easily and I see that the £10 free bet has been credited instantly. Some offers do this whilst others will credit your free bet once the event/ first bet has been settled.

I’m looking for higher odds this time with my free bet and happily find a horse running at Redcar the next day which I back and lay bet quickly. I got some good odds for this one: 17 on 888Sport and 17.10 on Betfair. I had enough funds built up in my Betfair to cover this liability and it netted £8.98 which I was very happy with as I usually aim to make around £8 profit from a £10 free bet.

So my little lesson for today was that it’s not what it is or where it is that is important, it’s the numbers that count ……and the oddsmatcher (aka my new best friend).


Posted on: November 9, 2016