Helpful tips for the new Matched Betters

Helpful tips for the new Matched Betters


When you first start matched betting, there may seem like a lot to remember. However, once you familiarise yourself with the Bookmaker and exchange sites, you’ll be placing and laying off your bets like second nature.

So for the newbies amongst you, here are a few tips of things that I found helpful in the beginning.

Have a spreadsheet

This doesn’t need to be a high finance document, just something simple that you can create in excel. The important thing is to list all of the bookmakers that you are using and your Betfair account and update it with where your money is. This becomes even more important the more offers you do and you can also keep the details in there of any reload offers that you have completed.

I like to update the spreadsheet every time I open a new Bookmaker account and each time I have completed an offer.

I also highlight any funds that need withdrawing and tick it off when they have been deposited into my bank account.

Just a few simple sums will be able to show you your profit which I like to update on a weekly basis.


A few of the bookmakers, but by no means all of them, ask for identification before verifying your account. Members report all different experiences in what ID they did or did not need and they don’t ever seem to be the same but they will usually be a mixture of the following:

  • Photograph of your passport (clear and all on show/nothing cut off).
  • A copy of a utility or bank/credit card statement dated within the last 3 months.
  • A photograph of the card that you are using to make your deposits/withdrawals. Please note that you must never show the complete number – just blank out what they don’t need to see with a strip of paper.
  • A photograph of yourself holding one or more of the ID documents.

If you just get these photographs/ copies together in one go at the start then as soon as they ask you, you can simply upload them all and not waste any more time on it.

Website tabs

Have these all open on your web bar so that you can just keep flicking easily between them – you’ll need the bookmaker, Betfair, oddsmatcher, calculator and offer guide all there ready to use. Make sure you are logged in to them all and ready to go.

The importance of speed


 Once you have selected your deal from the oddsmatcher, always use the “i” sign next to it. Click on it and it will take you straight to the bookmaker and Betfair. Odds can change quickly so this will stop you missing out on hot odds.

As I mentioned, odds can change quickly especially at particular times of the day. 10am -12pm is a time of the day that you may find the Bookmakers boost their odds. Time is money. You have worked out your guaranteed profit in the calculator so don’t ponder on the odds for too long - get in there, place and lay the bets, get out and move on to the next offer. Let’s face it, it’s better to make £14 in 10 minutes then try and squeeze for £15 but it takes you 30 minutes…. You could have completed another offer in that time.

Emails & texts

It is important to register these details with the bookmakers as they will send new offers (reloads) to you this way. If it seems as though you have a lot, just check whether they are offers for that particular day which must be done first or whether you have a few more days to do them. Put them in a separate email folder and go back and complete them later. You will be surprised how many new offers you receive. If it is an offer for something that you have not tried yet, simply head to our tutorial section and it will guide you through it.

Placing your bets


The oddsmatcher will tell you how much funds are available in the exchange for each event so bear this in mind before you select your choice. It’s frustrating if you place a £20 bet and need this in the exchange and because you haven’t checked, there is only £14 there to match your bet. This becomes even more important if you are placing £50+ bets.

The bookmaker can change odds quickly so be completely prepared with your bet slip and place the bookmaker bet first, check it’s placed and then place the lay bet.

Hopefully these will help you on your way and ensure that you are feeling ready to move onto our Premium section for the bigger profits and offers.

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Posted on: November 14, 2016