An interview with Liam, one of our Premium members

An interview with Liam, one of our Premium members




Here at MatchedBet, we love hearing stories of how well our members are doing and the amount of profit that they are making. So, we decided to track down one of our newer members, Liam Mason, a student in his second year at Manchester University to hear his experience of matched betting so far.

 So Liam, how did you first hear about matched betting?

I had actually heard about matched betting before, when I was listening to a money saving programme on the radio but to be honest, I thought that it was probably a scam because why wasn’t everyone doing it? It wasn’t until quite a few months later when a friend told me that they’d got into it over the summer and it was going really well for them, that I looked into it a bit more.

And you discovered us through our Facebook page didn’t you?

Yeah that’s right. He told me about your Facebook page so I checked it out and really liked what I saw. It dawned on me that people are actually making up to £1500 per month, risk and tax free so I figured that I’d have nothing to lose from doing your 2 free trial offers, so I registered with you and gave it a go.

What do you think was preventing you from starting matched betting earlier then do you think?

Well, I guess as I mentioned before, it just sounds like a scam doesn’t it? I think this is because people firstly struggle with the whole concept and then perhaps they can’t really see where the money is coming from. I wish though that I had started earlier rather than keep putting off looking into it.

How did you get on with our free sign up offers?

Pretty well actually. The step by step guides you have are great, I needed them because it can be a bit daunting seeing your money moving from one account to another. But then I got the hang of it after completing the Coral offer and went straight on to the Betfred one. I earned £36.85 on those 2 offers which took me around 45 minutes in total. I thought that was pretty good money considering I was new to it.

What happened then?

Well, just doing those 2 offers convinced me that this matched betting really works. I made the withdrawals from the Bookmakers and Betfair and when you see the profits actually hitting your bank account, you get a good feeling.

I signed up with you guys to your Premium monthly. Of course, I did shop around to look at other matched betting sites, who wouldn’t? But MatchedBet is the cheapest monthly UK plan out there at the moment and you give exactly the same benefits. It did open my eyes up a bit actually to how much other sites are charging per month – some sites are charging twice as much as you per month at £23! Can I request that you don’t put yours up to that much in the future please? (laughs) Us students are pretty hard up you know!

Thanks for the feedback, we'll bear that in mind! What stage are you at with it now?

I’m working through the opening offers still and as of today’s date, I’ve made around £1050. The only “big” offer I’ve completed so far is the Bet365 one which was awesome. I made £165 profit on that one so I’m looking forward to doing the others now.

Of course, the more offers I'm doing,the more my bankroll is increasing which means that I could hit the bigger offers easily.

I’m also getting reload offers coming through quite a lot so I’m fitting those in as well.

How long have you been matched betting now and how long do you spend on it each week?

Oh, I started it just after heading back to Uni, so the end of September, which makes it about 6 weeks I guess. I spend around an hour each day during the week in between my studies and a few hours at the weekends, more if I can.

What do you think about the future of matched betting?

Well, it seems to be growing day by day – the word is getting out there. I'm sure it's going to be the next big thing and I'm just glad I'm onto it already! Loads of my friends are into it now, through my advice. It’s just a fun way of making risk and tax free cash every month.

And talking of that cash, are you saving for anything special?

Ha, I’m mainly using it to keep me afloat at the moment with my student rent and fees. I am nicely building up a little stash though which I hope to use to go travelling with once I finish my course. We’ll see…..maybe I’ll be eyeing up a sports car by then!

Thank-you so much for talking to us today Liam, we’d love a follow up interview with you when you reach the £5k mark, but until then, good luck with your matched betting.





Posted on: November 22, 2016