It’s been a very profitable weekend

It’s been a very profitable weekend


Weekend profit £119.29 time taken = 1hr 45 mins.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of general and reload offers out there at the moment and I still have plenty of welcome offers to complete. It’s great to know that I can continue to be making big profits each month without even having to go looking for them.

There are just so many out there and not enough time (for me personally) to do them.

I am a busy parent of three children and I’m finding at the moment that I’m getting the biggest portion of my matched betting done in the evenings – around one hour per night.

It always helps though to be able to suss out quickly whether an offer is going to suit me or not so here are a few things that I do to help prioritise the offers:

  1. I’d say that 80% of reload/ offers come through email and 20% via text. If I can see that I don’t have to complete them that day but also haven’t got time to look at them straight away, I put it into a separate email folder and go through them when I do have a few minutes.
  2. I never ignore what may seem like small offers because these can still be just as profitable per minute due to them being very quick to complete.
  3. Read up an all of the Terms & Conditions to check on the wagering requirements and when the free bet/spins/ bonus etc will expire. It probably won’t be as profitable to get stuck into a deal if it requires you to have huge wagering requirements and they only give you something crazy like 1 day to complete it.

Here’s a small summary of some of the offers I’ve completed this weekend:

Comeon offered a £10 free sports bet when you placed a £50 bet with their Christmas Advent calendar on 3 December. This took me 19 minutes to complete (because it’s football and for some reason unique to me, it seems to take me longer to back/ lay than horse racing bets!) Profit £8.28

777 Casino (Part of 888Sport) offered me a “Spin of the Big Wheel”, I got 150 free spins and after wagering was met which I put on “autospin” to save time, it was a Profit of £23.73

Skybet - I placed my weekly £25 bet as part of the Skybet club and will receive a £5 free bet (during Monday). Takes 10 minutes in total and will be a Profit of £4.00 +

But my biggest profit this weekend has come from Bet365 with an offer that I completed on Saturday.

I’m feeling a bit of love coming from Bet365 at the moment…...they sent me this reload offer mid last week of a matched 100% deposit up to £100. Of course, I went for the £100 deposit and in total, it took me just over one hour to complete and netted me an £83.28 profit. The easiest £83 I will ever make.

The offer came to me by email, saying that they hadn’t heard from me in a while – this is also crazy because I have only recently completed their welcome offer and an in-play offer with them.

To date, I've completed only 3 offers with Bet365 taking a few hours in total and I have earned just shy of £300 from them. Let’s hope they haven’t got me muddled up with someone more important!


Now those are the emails that I like receiving.



Posted on: December 5, 2016