Matched betting as a full time parent

Matched betting as a full time parent



So I’m just coming up to 5 months of matched betting and am still singing its’ praises. Like all new matched bettors, I’m learning more about it and tackling different and varied offers every day.

It does initially appear to be an unusual way of making money but it is so flexible. If you don’t have any time during the day, you can just do it in the evenings.

Perhaps you are a stay at home parent who has been thinking about trying matched betting for a while but are still unsure? Maybe you are on maternity leave and would really like to be able to continue to stay at home looking after your children in their early years but you still need a source of income by working from home if you are going to give up your job.

When I had children I took a work break from a stressful and demanding job which wasn’t a role that was able to be offered to me part time. Ideally we would have shared the child care, but my husband, a teacher, was not permitted to reduce his work hours at all. Even if we had been interested in a childminder or nursery, when we worked out the costs, there seemed to be very little financial sense in going back to my old job.

It was obvious that by the time I had paid the costs to travel to and from work, paid for the childcare and dealt with all of the other issues that crop up on a daily basis; sickness, medical appointments, transport delays that there must be a way of earning money from home but without all of the aforementioned hassles.

So I took to trying quite a few things that I could fit in around the children at home. A few of these brought in a decent income as well as other income streams that I’m still doing.

But I discovered matched betting and it is still my favourite.

I feel that I’m on a bit of a mission to spread the word and let other stay at home parents know about matched betting and the pure benefits that it can bring them.

It’s simply because it  is perfect for anyone who can spare anything ranging from a few hours per week to several hours per day. You get out what you put in and the earning potential is only limited by the amount of time you can commit to it.

It can sometimes be a juggling act to fit my matched betting in between being a full time parent and earning from my other income streams, but, however much spare time I have each day to earn some extra money, I will always choose matched betting over everything else. It’s just hands down the best earner.

For example, rather than spending up to 2 hours doing the grocery shopping, I now get it delivered and use that extra time to matched bet. There are some very good deals out there for saving money on your grocery deliveries. I bought my Tesco delivery plan via the cashback site Quidco and it works out at just £1 per delivery (unlimited deliveries) at any weird and wonderful time of the day.

It would cost far more than that in fuel to get to the supermarket, plus it’s never fun for the children and I would have lost about 90 minutes matched betting time which would have earned me around £30+.

I recommend anyone to start claiming their time back and if you can fit in some matched betting instead, then you’ll really begin to see the financial rewards.

It can take a while to get your head around matched betting in the early days and to see how it all works, but I urge you to spend that time looking in to it because it is time well spent. After your first few beginner offers, you will wish that you’d started matched betting sooner.

I’m testament that all of the initial efforts are worth it. In my first few months, I have averaged £600 per month (I have a personal target of £100 per week) and I only spend at the most one hour a day doing it. I think that this is fantastic considering that there was a lot of time over Christmas that I couldn’t matched bet and all of my family birthdays occur at this time of the year meaning less free time.  However, ‘my’ birthday is just around the corner and I hear that you can get quite a lot of ‘birthday offers’ from the bookies, so I’m looking forward to that!

I got some great tips from this article when I was a newbie so I feel that I should add a few of my own for those of you that are just starting out:

  • Try out all of the offers and don’t dismiss those that may look low value – all of those £5 will quickly add up.
  • Don’t worry if you miss an offer – matched betting is not going to go away and there are continuous offers to take advantage of.
  • You will get a lot of offers via email – sort through them and keep the ones you like in a separate email folder in order of priority.
  • Read all of the Terms and Conditions for each offer – be sure to understand them fully or get help on the Matchedbet
  • Get your friends and family into matched betting (but don’t multi account!)– as well as being grateful to you, you will have that support.
  • Give those free spins at the casino a try; you never know what it will bring you.

And after your first five months of matched betting if you’ve had the same amount of time as me, you may not have an immaculately tidy house, but you will probably find yourself at least £3000 better off…...



Posted on: February 27, 2017