And so my matched betting journey begins…….

And so my matched betting journey begins…….


“Matched betting, but that’s gambling isn’t it?” I think those were my words a few weeks ago when my husband showed me what it was that was engrossing him so much on his laptop.

Recommended to him by a friend who works in the finance industry, he was already a few days into his matched betting journey and just seeing how much money he had made in literally a few hours, I was now more than interested.

But, I’m the cautious one here. Can I really sit at home with my laptop and actually make money out of the bookmakers – completely risk free? Don’t I need a huge pot of money to get started? A little research was required.

Firstly, (a common misconception), I thought that “Matched betting” was gambling, but it isn’t.

Matched betting is a system where you can back both for and against the same horse/ team to win etc which eliminates any loss. But then by using matched betting, it enables you to unlock hundreds of free bets and bonuses from a vast amount of bookmakers.

Secondly, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has been validated by people like Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert and both the financial and mainstream press.

Thirdly, I found that it was essential to watch the tutorials, read the easy guides and work through the introductory offers on Matched bet. All of their help and advice simplifies the process for me and I’d be totally lost without it.

Following these guides and offers, I have been able to make around £350 in just a few weeks. The thing is, for me, I can only spend around an hour a day matched betting at the moment because I’m a stay at home mum of three and I’m working it around the family and other income streams.

If like me, as a stay at home parent, you struggle to find a job that exists between the school runs or you are a student trying to make some decent income in between lectures, then you’ll be keen to know that on average, matched betting earns me approximately £22 per hour (and it’s tax free!)

It has to be said, I’m ridiculously excited by my new income discovery. I’m very happy with my £350 so far and I know that through experience, I’ll be able to cover the offers at a faster pace and perhaps grab a few hours a week to match bet in the evenings enabling me to make a lot more money.

I only wish that I’d discovered it sooner.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions. I had loads at the beginning so why not send me an email






Posted on: November 8, 2016