Keeping Your Betting Accounts Live

Keeping your betting accounts open is only really a concern for those of you who have completed all of the introductory offers and are regularly cashing in the reloads.

If the bookmakers think your betting behavior is suspicious, for instance always using your qualifying bet on odds of 1.5 and then betting your free bets on odds of 15.0 they might close your account.

The best way to avoid this is to place some “mug bets“. It doesn’t have to be much, but throw back some of your profits back into the water and improve your profile with the bookmakers. You’re also much more likely to be sent better offers by them as you look more like a classic “mug” punter. Just giving 10% back is probably enough and you can of course lay it all off to reduce any losses to pennies.

A “mug bet” is a technique used by matched betters to keep their accounts with bookmakers open. It is usually a small bet that emulates a normal “punters” betting activity.

Accumulators, regular bets for the same teams, spending money in the online casino, putting bets on high publicity events, all improve your profile in the eyes of bookmakers. This makes it less likely your account will be closed down.

Depending on the value of your mug bets, you are encouraged to lay them off so you can minimize any potential loses. Remember we’re not in the business of gambling here!