shutterstock_69133153Hi! My name’s Justin and I’m currently studying Natural Sciences at University. I come from a working-class background and like most students, have always struggled to make ends meet whilst at Uni! I was chuffed when I found out about Matched Betting.

It was my Dad who actually told me to do it! At first I was a bit dubious, but if you can’t trust your family then who can you trust?! My Dad had actually been matched betting for a few years to help pay for those extra bits and bobs that me and my brother & sisters wanted in life - new clothes, laptops, phones etc. Obviously, I had to be 18 to start matched betting so just before I started University he showed me the website ‘Matched Bet’ and I have never looked back!

I think it is quite obvious why I started matched betting. Firstly, I am a student and any extra bit of money goes along way in helping me support myself at Uni. When I first started Matched Betting it was a slow process, I remember that taking advantage of the first free bet offer took me about an hour in total but a few days later I was able to complete an offer in less than 5 minutes, so I soon got the hang of it. As I’m currently studying for my degree, I tend to do about 30 minutes in the evenings when I can and probably a bit longer than this on the weekends, now, I’ve been matched betting for about a year and probably make an average of about £300 per month. I have friends who spend longer matched betting and earn over £1000 per month but I’m prioritising my studies at the moment. It is never going to make you rich but as an extra income around my studies it’s great.

Some people worry about the stigma surrounding ‘betting.’ In my family, it’s just become the norm - my Dad, brother, cousins and Auntie are all currently matched betting and all of their friends do as well. We all do it around our studies and jobs for a bit of extra income.

When I first tell someone about matched betting I usually have to go through the same ritual every time, explaining that it isn’t gambling or some get rich scheme. But I suppose I had the same thoughts before I started, and I’m converted! What I always say is, “give it a try”, it’s a free trial so you have nothing to lose! It really is a no brainer.  What’s even better is that I’ve taken advantage of the ‘Refer and Earn’ option and now I receive half the membership amount for anyone I sign up which is an added bonus too. The Matched Bet website has great support which is always there when I need them. I once spoke to someone at 10pm on their live chat system and got an immediate response. The tutorials are fantastic so literally anyone can learn how to do it! Not that it’s really difficult anyway!