What reactions have you received to your matched betting?

What reactions have you received to your matched betting?


The festive period means catching up with friends and family and the inevitable talk of family life and work. I have been matched betting for 4 months now so it’s the first time that I’ve spoken to a lot of my friends and family about how I do matched betting to earn an easy second income.

Some of their reactions were priceless, ranging from ‘are you sure that this gambling is a good thing?’, others having the facial expression of a confused meerkat, to having a bit of fun trying to explain it to the older generation and being met with just a blank stare and an uneasy shift in their chair!

It’s a great thing to be able to share your matched betting knowledge with as many people as you can and get them started on matched betting too. It really is ‘the more the merrier’ because through working together, you’ll hear about so many extra reloads/ offers.

So after chatting to other matched betting friends, I thought I’d compile a list of the most popular questions that you will be faced with along with some helpful advice and replies so that you can be armed and ready when it crops up.

‘It’s a scam’

 You’ll usually get this confident reply from the ‘know it all, been there, done everything’ type. The sad fact is though that there are an awful lot of online ‘companies’ which promise to make you rich. But you’ll inevitably have to buy stock or something else up front and then go off and do a lot of selling or networking even to try and make your money back.

The simple answer here is to advise them just to type matched betting into google and do a bit of research – it won’t take them long and hopefully they’ll be eating their words.

‘Is it legal?’

Return back their quizzical look and say ‘yes, it’s 100% legal’. Ask them also if they think it’s illegal when they spend £50 at the supermarket and receive a £10 free voucher? It’s essentially the same thing but with a bookmaker instead of a supermarket and we are converting that voucher to cash instead of using it for food. All companies try to gain our business with offers and free vouchers - that’s just how it works.

Or give them another bit of helpful info and quote Graham Sharpe of William Hill who says ‘There’s no illegal element. It’s a free bet and you can do what you like’ The Telegraph.

‘I’ll believe it when I see it’

 ‘Ok, no problem, I’ll send you a screenshot of my exchange account balance or working spreadsheet if you like?’

‘It won’t be as easy as you think – you’ll be spending hours on it’

 ‘Oh I wish. I’d be only too happy to have endless free hours to spend on it actually - just think how much I could make! But I have about one hour per day and it earns me around £25 for that hour with all of the searching and calculations done for me. I think that’s a pretty good hourly rate especially as I can work it from anywhere. What do you do for extra income? Is it as profitable?’

‘The Bookie always wins’

 ‘Well, maybe if you were actually gambling then it may be weighted in the Bookie’s favour but we are not gambling, we are matched betting – back betting and lay betting with the bookie’s money – it really is quite different and I’m surprised that you haven’t heard about it before’.

‘Well, I can’t see how it works’

 ‘Umm, I’m guessing that you haven’t spent any time looking into it, have you?’

‘You have to be great at maths to do that sort of thing’

 ‘Well a bit of common sense and concentration always comes in handy in life but the online calculators do everything for me. I just have to type the figures in’.

‘How come you know so much about sports betting?’

 ‘I don’t, other than a general interest. I don’t have to know much, it’s just about the odds/numbers. Once I’ve backed and layed my bet, which only takes minutes, I can forget about it.’

‘So you’re a professional gambler then?’

 ‘Not quite, I’m a professional matched bettor – the profits are guaranteed’,

‘Right ok….so if it’s that good then why isn’t everyone doing it?’

Sometimes I think that it seems like some kind of secret society but then I guess in a way, it is. You have to firstly have been lucky enough to have been introduced to it and then you have to have satisfied yourself with all of the above questions. You make your first tentative steps with the welcome offers and then you’re away and a knowing member of the ‘club’.

So, being prepared with the above, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to get as many people into matched betting that I can in 2017.

I'm going to start with this simple tactic, why don't you give it a try:

“If I show you a way to make a lot of money easily and consistently every month then you owe me a drink”.

Be prepared to be propping up a lot of bar stools over the coming year.





Posted on: December 27, 2016