Say hello to easy profits with the Risk Free Bet Calculator and Racing Matcher

Say hello to easy profits with the Risk Free Bet Calculator and Racing Matcher


Today sees the launch of our Risk Free Bet Calculator and our Racing Matcher.

Available to our Premium members, these two pieces of advance matched betting software will help you to obtain even more profits from your matched betting.

Have a read of our guides here and then give them a try yourselves. You'll find them under the 'Advanced Tools' section of the website.

The Risk Free Bet Calculator

Make equal profits using our new Risk free bet calculator.

This calculator has been designed to equal the profit from risk free bets.

A risk free bet is such as you will for example ‘ receive a £25 free bet if your £25 bet loses’ etc.

Totally risk free of course as we won’t lose anything because we lay our qualifying bet at the exchange as usual.

The common logic has been to place both bets as SNR bets and if the first bet wins you win a bit more money. We have designed this calculator though so that we can equal out the profits whether the first bet wins or loses.

Find the calculator in your ‘Advanced Tools’ section.

As an example, we will use the Totesport sign up offer.

This offer states that if we bet £25 and the bet loses, we will get a £25 free bet.

We are still looking to bet at odds of over 5.0 to maximise our profits.

We have found a match of 8.0 to BACK and 8.2 to LAY.

Simply put all of these details into the calculator as shown below following the step by step instructions:

  1. Enter the BACKstake, £25 in this case.
  2. Enter the BACKodds, 8.0 in this case.
  3. The LAYodds at the exchange are 8.2.
  4. Enter the LAYcommission for the exchange that you are using.
  5. Free bet award is what you will get if your first bet loses.
  6. How much of the free bet should you retain (if it is a SNR bet this should be 80%. If the money comes back to you as cash, then enter 95%)
  7. This shows you what you should LAY at the exchange. The LAY stake is £22.09 and the liability is £159.05 (remember this is how much you will need in the exchange.
  8. This shows us the breakdown and where our profit will come from based on the first bet winning or losing.

A nice easy profit taking all of the hard work out for you.

The Racing Matcher

We’ve created this to make your search for lucrative horse racing refund offers easier, quicker and more profitable.

Instantly take the time out of your searching by using our new Racing Matcher. It focuses your search and gets you straight to the very best offers at the press of a button.

Key features of the Racing Matcher

  • It pre- filters for you, only showing the races with refunds available.
  • The maximum stake for the bonus is clearly highlighted.
  • Clicking on ‘More Info’ takes you straight to the detail and to the calculator.
  • Selections are automatically filtered for the race. For example, for the Bet365 offer which requires a horse to win at odds over 5.0, the Racing Matcher won’t show any selections under 5.0 (see below).


  • It takes the maximum bonus stake possible and calculates your lay stake and qualifying loss, making it easy to quickly identify a bonus opportunity.
  • Compares all 3 of the main betting exchanges (Betfair, Smarkets and Betdaq) so that you can guarantee the best possible match and obtain the very best profits.

Try the Racing Matcher today to see just how easily it can work for you.





Posted on: January 16, 2017