Are the smaller offers really worth it?

Are the smaller offers really worth it?




Every day, I receive a stash of smaller free bets, risk free offers and free casino spins amongst others deals and it can be quite easy to think that they’re not worth doing.

Mostly though, I’ve found that they only take a few minutes to complete and if you consider that each £5 free bet should net you around £4 in profit, then they can really add up.

Set up a separate folder in your email account and pop them in there until you have a few spare minutes to do them.

Here are just a couple of the hundreds of offers out there at the moment:


Skybet club: If you’re not already doing this then you should be. Simply opt into their club (it's free) and every week bet £25 on any market with odds of evens or above before midnight on the Sunday. You will then receive by 7pm on the Monday a £5 free bet to use on any market.

You should expect around a £4 profit on this each week which equates to £200+ per year.

Toals Bookmakers are offering a similar deal. Again, before midnight on the Sunday, place at least £40 on the football market. It must be a minimum of 3 bets at odds of 1.5 or greater so you could for example place a £10 bet, £15 bet and £15 bet.

By midday on the Monday you will receive your £5 free bet which can be used on any market.

As per the Skybet offer above, you’ll be looking to gain £200 per year.

So 2 quick offers each week and we are already £400 per year up.

You can see that the profits really do stack up and take relatively little time.

It allows you to build your funds in order to tackle the larger and more lucrative offers and you have nothing to lose on anything that is risk free in the first place.


Posted on: November 16, 2016