It was time for the BIG Bet365 welcome offer

It was time for the BIG Bet365 welcome offer

I’ve made it through the big Bet365 welcome offer and I’m now £165 richer at the other end for just a few hours work. I'm super proud - it's a definite boost at this time of year when Christmas is just around the corner.

This was the first big offer that I’ve been wanting to do but I needed enough funds built up before I could complete it to its’ full potential.

Bet365 have one of the best welcome packages around where they are currently offering new account sign ups a 100% matched deposit bonus up to £200 maximum.

The wagering requirements for you to release your bonus are that you must bet the amount of your qualifying deposit once and rollover your deposit + bonus 3 times at odds of 1.5 or more. Take a look at our Bet365 guide to take you through it step by step.

For me personally, I wanted to obtain the maximum bonus possible, so I deposited £200 and my £200 was instantly matched. I knew that to release the bonus, I would need to place bets for a total of £1200 (£200 + £200 = £400 x 3 rollover requirement = £1200).

Initially these figures may make your eyes water but this is why it is important to do all of the other welcome offers first so that you have enough cash to work with. It can be easy to forget as well that we are NOT losing any of this money but we just need a larger pot in order to extract the larger bonus and we need to go through the processes.

I had a healthy fund in my Betfair account but of course, a £200 one off bet comes with a bit of a liability......

My aim was of course to pick an outsider and try to lose my qualifying bet at Bet365 but, keeping the liability in mind (the higher the odds, the higher the liability), the lowest odds I could afford to back on at that time were 3 with a lay bet of 2.93 at Betfair. This meant just over £400 liability and a small qualifying loss of about £2.

Typically for me, it was only the third favourite in the race but it WON so I had to then wager through the deposit and bonus as required. It only took me an extra couple of hours though in total over the next few days.

I had enough funds now though in both Bet365 and Betfair to be able to place 10 x £100 bets and a final celebration flutter of a £200 bet at the end to release my bonus.

My 12 bets had total qualifying losses of £35 but I had already predicted for this. In the end, I made £165 pure profit from the £200 bonus which is more than an 80% return.

Keep an eye out for the other great offers that Bet365 have. I have completed their football in-play offers, netting £6-£7 for a few minutes work.

Their big offer which they offer at times is a “Bet £50 pre match and get a free £50 in-play”. Again, when this offer comes up it is an easy £35+ profit for just 5 minutes work.

They offered this on The Barcelona v Manchester City match on 19 October and I came away with £37.52. Can’t wait for the next one now.


Posted on: November 24, 2016