Welcome to the cheapest matched betting site in the UK

Welcome to the cheapest matched betting site in the UK

 So, as you are already reading this, we can probably assume that you have done your research on all of the matched betting sites out there in the UK at the moment and you have discovered after all of your comparisons that we are the cheapest.


You are in very good company. You’ll be interested to know that we are ranking highly on Google for a reason.

Thousands upon thousands of people are flocking to us from other over-priced matched betting companies; not just because of the price (although this is a significant factor for our members) but because we care about introducing matched betting to everybody – not just the ‘traditional sport betting types’ but to everyone – students, stay at home parents, retired persons or simply those looking for that extra second income boost.

We like to hear feedback from our members all of the time, so after carrying out a recent poll amongst them, we can list the top reasons that they have chosen Matchedbet as their matched betting site of choice:

First up, yes, it’s price!

Let’s have a quick look here.

We at MatchedBet charge £12.95 per month for Premium membership compared to a whopping £17.99 at the next leading matched betting site. We offer exactly the same package so why would you choose the £17.99 one? People are beginning to realise that they are vastly over-paying for the same matched betting service and they are now coming to us and saving themselves £’s each and every month. Why not join them?


If we added up the cumulative profits that you tell us you are making, month in, month out, it would be eye watering! We are so pleased to hear how much you are making and what you are spending it all on – from holidays to house extensions.

The range of matched betting tools that we offer

Whether our members are new to matched betting or have experience, they love the tools that we provide to make their guaranteed profits each month. Here are just some of them:


Guaranteed profits calculator

Racing Matcher

Risk Free Bets calculator

Free trial offers

Again, we offer two great trial offers which guarantee you £40 profit. You don’t even have to have signed up to our monthly plan to get these – just register and we show you how to complete these offers completely free of charge. Once you have completed these, we are certain that you’ll see just how easy matched betting is and how much money you can make and then you will probably want to sign up to our Premium package.

If you don’t like it, then it’s not a problem – you’ll have made a nice free £40 in less than an hour.

Customer Support

You love it that we offer constant support with Live Chat, email or through both of our Facebook pages: Matchedbet and a Facebook page dedicated solely to our Premium members.

The offers

We have over 100 offers available at any one time and also an ‘existing offers page’ which is updated daily with new reloads and existing customer offers that you don’t want to miss out on.

We also show you how to complete casino and bingo offers as a way for you to generate even more risk free cash.

Simplicity of the training guides

You mention that you find our training guides extremely comprehensive and easy to understand. We take you through each offer step by step.

Supportive and friendly online community

You use our forum to connect with each other, ask questions and offer support to others. It is also a great place to post or find out about new ‘hot’ offers and you like the fact that nobody finds your question ‘too small’. We understand this as we were all new matched bettors once!

Our open and honest policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, you just let us know and we will give you a complete refund. Simple.


So if you are a new matched bettor or are already over paying with another matched betting site then why not save yourself some money each month and head over to join us? We’d love to have you on board.




Posted on: March 28, 2017