What does it mean “to be gubbed”?

What does it mean “to be gubbed”?



In Matched Betting, being “gubbed” means a bookmaker placing any limitation upon your account which in some way will restrict you from taking part in promotions or betting activities. Being gubbed was the only thing I was worried about, but to date, I’ve only been gubbed by Sun Bets. I’m not too worried about this though as I’ve found that generally, their odds and promotions are pretty poor.

You will always receive an email from the bookmaker if you have been gubbed. They won’t call it this of course but they will probably say something along the lines of “we have not taken this decision lightly”, etc.

Mostly you can still operate the account but you will not receive any promotions or your stake amount may be lowered. Sometimes, matched bettors say that they will then place small £5 or £10 bets (and lay them at the exchange of course) over the next month or two and they start to at least see their stake amount restriction being lifted which could lead to the account restrictions being lifted in the future.

Why have I been gubbed?

This is usually for one or a mixture of the following reasons:

  1. The only bets that you ever place with the bookmaker are on their free bets offers or their price boosts. Help to overcome this by placing “mug” bets on perhaps some high profile sporting events so that you actually look like a normal punter.
  2. You are taking too much value from them. If you are placing very close odds matches or even placing a lower lay odd at the exchange then you are doing what is known as “arbing” and bookmakers simply don’t like this. They grade your account on how profitable it is for them and how much “value” you are taking from them.
  3. If you are multi-accounting this will be a sure fire way to be gubbed. Bear in mind that your IP addresses are tracked so it’s not difficult for them to track you doing this and it is fraudulent. We recommend only ever running one set of accounts.

Can I prevent being gubbed?

In short, no, not completely. There doesn’t seem to be a set formula for gubbing someone so although it is frustrating, don’t take it too personally. Some matched bettors never get gubbed and some will a lot quicker. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve only been gubbed by one bookmaker in all of this time. Help yourself as much as you can though by following these tips.

Ensure that you have “iesnare” blocked on your computer. This is a piece of software which the bookmakers use to feed information back to them about your browsing habits. If they see that you are flitting between bookmakers and betting exchanges then this will be a red flag to them. Take a look at our blog post dedicated to this. It takes you through step by step on how to block iesnare on your computer.

Only run one account with each bookmaker and make the most out of that account with all the types of matched betting you can do.

Become a good mug bettor – a mug bettor is someone who keeps good track of their accounts and will regularly place a mixture of value bets on high profile events and they don’t stick to the same sport or type of bet either.

If you can do this little and often, it will keep the bookies happy as they won’t see that you are taking “value” from them and you’ll of course be a happy matched bettor for years to come.


Posted on: November 28, 2016